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The Meaning behind it All

MAMA'S Mana was inspired & birthed from experience.. 

From what iv endured upon these past few years being a new mama finding myself Fatigued..

adrenals taxed , lack of focus , a decline of breastmilk when stressed.. the intense pull & magnetism to detox but feeling afraid that I would potentially harm baby either pregnant or breastfeeding...

 the list go's on.. living on the lands of maui & being in a space of her abundance I was introduced to a powerful plant native to Hawaii. 

MAMAKI ♡ having a numerous amount of medicinal properties ,

I dug deeper into this hidden gem & found she is 100% safe for mama's & mama's to be.. 

♡ Natural Blood detoxifer 

Contains Chlorogenic acid: An antioxidant aiding in lowering blood pressure.

♡ Battles Fatigue , Boosts energy withouttaxing adrenals 

♡ Rutin: A flavonoid believed to help natural weight loss 

♡ Celluar hydration , helps aid in building red blood cells & pumping oxygen throughout the body( very important for women during birth & post birth )!!Or those that experience anemia...Other active ingredients include MORINGA

♡ Grown & Harvested in my very backyard.. Processed organicly & gracefully WITHOUT oxidation.Most moringa store bought looses 50% of its important an potent properties. 

A POWERFUL superfood Containing massive amounts of micro nutrients , amino acids & minerals our body requires to properly function..Containing Large amounts of Iron & Calcium in which most mothers find to be lacking during & after birth due to our body forming and creating life cell by cell.. CALCIUM especially for those that breastfeed! Is tremendously important.. calcium if not being supplemented in proper doses will start to leach from the mothers bones & processed for baby through the breastmilk.

Added Ingredients Include

Fresh Loose lavender , From what this wonderfully smelling plant is known for is her aroma & medicinally calming effects she apply when inhaling or ingesting. What most DONT know , is that she acts as a mild stimulant, with a slight invigorating effect almost embodying an adaptogenic quality empowering the body to get up & go!

Lokelani Rose Native to Hawaii , Overlooked & undervalued but containing a High Vibrational essence of Love Opening the Heart & Lungs allowing one to feel centered & supported during daily endeavors 

Base of this extract is Grade A Organic Vegetable Glygeric allowing the body an Liver to fully absorb vital nutrients. 

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