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Blissed Creations is based out of East Texas

offering a variety of sustainably crafted Extract

Incense, Scrubs, Candles, Seeds & more

for Ceremonial & Intentional purposes..

Our mission is to bring forth truly blissed filled experiences,

in hopes of touching your heart & positively impacting

your experience with sacred herbs, trees &

the plant kingdom in general. 

Nature is our throne & Playground

May we receive the bliss she has to offer & Dive in

Learning & Healing in the process!

 Each Creation is thoughtfully planned out

according to astrological transits, times of the days

& planetary resonance. 

We believe the Sun, Moon & Stars have an immense amount of 

impact on Plants & there evolution during growth periods,

 harvest & during the process when working

with the plant matter, this even includes our

own energetic bodies & nervous systems ability to

fully absorb the plants gifts with proper timing.

Considering our co existence is sacred, 

Seeing ourselves closely related to nature & the Stars 

evolving together in harmonious resonance.

Tuning into the rhythms of nature & the seasonal shifts that occur

we take pleasure in slow paced crafting & progressing.

Small batch by hand ,  divinely timed creations.

Infused with Love , integrity & patience.

May your Journey be filled with BLISS.

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