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Image by Qurratul Ayin Sadia

  So.. What are Moringa seeds? & how are they beneficial to the skin?

 Well , Moringa seeds come from seed pods "drum sticks" produced by Moringa  tree , well known as the "Tree of Life"

or Miracle tree


                   When Fresh seeds are cold pressed at low temperatures between 100-120

                           Degrees F , they release a dreamy sea foam green oil that contains

       many medicinal benefits.. especially for the skin!

the Oil that is produced is incredibly high in fatty acids

& collagen & very well known to obtain many anti- aging properties

turning back the hands of time..   

making these fatty acids mega-hydrating to the skin..

     I have personally never experienced anything like it..

     To those have experienced clogged oily pores , moringa seed oil closely

mimics our skin's natural sebum & typically won't clog pores but instead

balances & fully absorbs all the goodness it has to offer.

The collagen contained in a single Moringa seed

  is four times more than the collagen found in a carrot!

  This is what makes moringa seed oil a powerhouse serum!

      It rebuilds the collagen fibers in your skin, fighting off the appearance

of  stretch marks wrinkles & fine lines.  The high concentration of

oleic acid in the seed is deeply moisturize aging skin , It protects from

natural elements like the sun’s UV rays which helps slow down the

premature aging that UV rays end up to doing to your skin.

Oleic acid also calms  & balances the skin, making it a great solution 

to Acne, eczema, psoriasis,

    & other topical skin conditions which tend to affect the overall

youthful  radiance & even healing of the skin! and then some...

    Now that you can understand a snippet of the magic this seed offers...

Imagine scrubbing your entire temple with this miracle seed oil?!

Blissed Creations , has got you covered. Crafting something extra

 special for those that truly appreciate all that Moringa has to offer

looking to intentionally deepen there skin care routine.

 I offer this scrub so that others may experience how truly divine

this blend is. I am willing it touches your heart as much as it has

touched mine crafting every inch.  For those that are so daring to dive in..

                   there is more information & yummy added ingredients / benefits listed                                      


Giving literal Magical tones of Indigo to this scrubs Palette , But how?!.. within the pigment contains HIGH amounts of anti-oxidants, which is essential to the longevity of the skin , keeping the skin looking alive & glowing!
I mean who doesn't want there bath rituals to be floating in aquamarine bliss! YES , your entire bathtub will turn a dreamy blue.. with ZERO stains involved.




The Moringa Seed Oil Of course! But wait , There's more! The added ingredients in this blend enhances the

           Rejuvenating & active healing properties within the Moringa seed oil

 Added Ingredients Include: Clitoria Ternatea (Butterfly Pea)







Ok. Now that we've cleared all of
the Main ACTIVE  Ingredients..
What Inspired Blissed Creations to Craft a Sugar scrub?!

Our mission is to create bliss filled experiences ,  & what is more bliss filled then a Sugar Scrub that you can lather your entire temple with Whole organic all naturally healing & sustainably sourced ingredients..did I mention before that this scrub can be enjoyed in the bathtub , offering tones of light indigo & soothing in non residual oil's that have the ability to transform your skin care routine to!
Willing you get to experience this creation!
its Truly one of a kind.
If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to reach out.

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