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New Moon to New Moon 
Blue Lotus Lunar Extract

Blue lotus Ceremonial Wine extract ♡
When Blue Lotus & Red Wine are Infused together the medicinal effects are enhanced , Creating a sacred bond 

An Ancient Khemetic practice of 

Our ancestors would apply & enjoy durning Celebration with there Closest Kin , experiencing a sense of profound euphoria & connectedness 

Lotus contains powerful alkaloids called apomorphine when pairing these two spirits can create a calming tranquility throughout the temple & potentially a lucidiy or 'psychoactivity' opening & pentrating the veil ( the great In between ) within the minds eye that which divides realms tangible & untangible , creating a feeling of connectedness while washing away illusion of separation activating celluar rememberance an a deep introspection.. reminding one of there divinity towards everything & everyone. It is said the symbology of the Lotus is that of rebirth & resurrection 
◇ Expanding & unvailing towards the sun & closing during dawn only to be reborn once again during the rysing. Within this paticular concoction is Whole Blue Lotus flower,  Eyebright , Ashwaganda , Chamomile , Valerian Root , Passion flower , Red Knock out Roses from the garden , Fresh loose Lavender along with Royal Frankincense , Myrhh & Blue butterfly pea. What a royal concoction indeed.. Prepared during the first day of each New Lunar cycle. This bliss filled Wine is INTENDED to be applied ceremonially. Not for the mere intention of intoxication. But for the pure intention of connecting to this remembered essence a sacred way. Easy does it. A little bit go's along way. 

* Available in Three Sizes *

20 oz , 16 oz & 8 oz.

◇ I Planted knees deep from New Moon to New Moon gaining much Mama Mana & nature extraction throughout each day.

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