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Palo Santo & Red Sandalwood Heart incense 

I have found that Palo Santo sticks are difficult to keep lit , if your anything like me & you

like to experience the overall aroma an spiritual clearing from the rise of smoke that is being ignited , getting a fluid burn

to stay is very satisfying.. Buring incense is not only for the smell but the benefits each one uniquely has. Palo has been known

for its powerful ability to deeply cleanse the Aura an to ground. I decided to mix the palo with red sandalwood ,

being a conduit for deep relaxation & concentration aiding in reaching higher states of inner & outer awareness.


sources there PALO SANTO From Ecuador actively supporting the #palosantodoneright by 

@Ecuadorianhands. This team has made it there mission to harvest Palo Santo

Sustainably , all the while still enjoying the blessings this sacred tree has to offer.

Each tree after fallen takes up to SEVEN years before it

is ready to be cultivated & processed , with each fallen tree there is 

a Tree Planted , they have now re-planted over +11500 tree's! how wonderful it is

to source the highest quality product aligned with the highest intentions! 

I have thoroughly enjoyed hand crafting each one , infusing MANY blissful willings.


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