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lovingly farmed, dried & blended

Tea Rose Extract

Blissfully Growing Multiple Varieties of Tea Roses on our farm here in East Texas to Craft this Unique blend!

Grounding , Promoting circulation to the Lungs & Blood vessels & often used as Hearts Tonic for Grief , Sadness , Stagnancy & overcoming self limiting obstacles. The Venusian Extract acts as a mild nervine calming nervousness & centering us. The Rose Reminds us of the importance of self love & tuning into our true wholenesses & Breath. Wonder addition to Cocao, Tea, Coffee & especially straight on the pallet experiencing every layer of this divinely aromatic flower!  

 Blue Lotus Ceremonial Anointing Oil




a Heavenly Blend of Tea Roses 
Hand Picked of White, purple, pink & even peachy notes of Delicious Rose scented syrup, Very Strong- actually taste like it smells! & Contains NO Alcohol & No added Honey or Sugars.

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