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The illusion. The Fictional Self.

Let this Marinate.. If you are still harboring hatred & resentment where are you really in your spiritual practice ? really dig deep into the soils of your mind & memory .. what is keeping you from being free and completely transcendent to your external circumstances ? we must forgive those we feel have wronged us regardless.. to reach true liberation and self awareness without delusion. Accepting both compliments & criticism graciously for it takes both sun & rain to make a flower grow & blossom.

The light at the end of the tunnel isn’t an illusion.. the tunnel itself is. If you are not acting upon what your vessel chooses to express to those around you; not only are you words empty but you are simply living a lie. The truth will surface eventually you can not hide from IT.. for your own self realization is the greatest ripple you can have in this world.. YOUR DUTY IS TO BE! not to be ‘this’ or ‘that’ you are not your mind ! be like a tree & simply let the dead leaves drop. The body is merely a mask..a garment .. seek the wearer NOT the cloak. The ‘i am’ is certain .. the ‘ i am this or that’ is NOT.. no matter your race or bloodline this does not define you if you choose to identify upon your actions and or religion you will spend the rest of your life defending a fictional self..a delusion.

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