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The Impact.

what is your impact?

to inner stand moor of the question.. perhaps first take a look into what drives you..

Is it your passions ? Your love for life? or something else..

to know moor in-depth on what impact you have on life , first look into what impacts YOU.

Tune into your environment , your Career , the people around you , your children..

Second ask yourself how does this impact me ?

Life as we know it has such an incredibly diverse blueprint , all in which we are apart of.

So during every sun rys & sunset going about our lives with particularly one thing in the back of our minds.. Living. By any means nessasary.

The Most's Highs granted us a complex journey all in which has a Purpose.

With Purpose comes great responsibility.. the impact , the butterfly effect.

Within every action there is reaction. The impact. The blueprint that was instilled upon us the moment we were born again into this world will continue following us until the day we transition. Every Heartache , every big change & set back shapes an molds us.

What is your first thought in the rysing time?

Is it pure or dense.. do you feel weighed down by life's expectations of you..

or do you feel fueled by all that you hold dear.

Everyday will differ.. but it is up to you ,

to decide how you choose to respond to life's impact on you. That includes your job , your home life & the people you choose to surround yourself with. Everything you do in life , every good deed , will always impact you in one shape or the other. We must choose our path wisely. The right path. The 42 laws of Maat.

I honor virtue. I benefit with gratitude. I am peaceful. I respect the property of others. I affirm that all life is sacred. I give offerings that are genuine. I live in truth. All of these Ways of being are just that..

Way's of being have a traminduse impact on the wellbeing of those around us.. our children , the anu generation..plants & even sentient animals. Looking at the bigger picture an seeing that YOU are all the small details in-between puts you in the drivers seat of your journey. How're you choosing to impact your world? Destiny will unfold as it should. But it's up to Us on how we choose to get there.

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